Don't worry all you All-change Charlies out there, you got this

We are in a constant state of change but some change is bigger and more unsettling than others.


Planning change requires gathering information and feedback.  All the different options and views can be overwhelming.  Coaching can provide the headspace to; sift through the data and options, look at the situation from different perspectives and to think through the 'what-ifs'.

Type of results you can expect

Everyone is different, so are their specific challenges and responses to those challenges. However, these are common results people see with coaching on this type of issue:  

  • head-space to work through options

  • a strategy to gather feedback, including concerns and objections

  • an understanding of your leadership style

  • the ability to view the situation from different perspectives, informing plans and communications accordingly

  • a plan to engage all stakeholders in the process

  • a contingency plan

  • tools to boost resilience in testing times

  • support with any road blocks or bumps along the way.

Take action

Email and we'll set-up a call to discuss your needs in greater detail.


There'll be no obligation or hard sell.  

It's a great opportunity for me to assess whether you and your goal are suitable for coaching AND for you to suss out whether I'm someone you'd like to work with.