Personality Assessment Tools

I really tried to find a plain English name for this service but the other term used is ‘diagnostics’ which I thought was even worse jargon!


Personal assessment tools are online questionnaires which will help increase your understanding of yourself and others.  The more you understand yourself and how you interact with people, the more you’ll achieve and with greater ease. 

As a Certified DiSC Trainer, I'm certified to use all assessment tools within the Everything DiSC family:


  • Everything DiSC Workplace®

  • Everything DiSC Management®

  • Everything DiSC Conflict®

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders®

  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ 

For more info on each of these tools, please download Pressurevalve's Guide to Everything DiSC® ).

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COVER - How Everything DiSC can help you
How does it work?

The steps are simple:

  • You complete a short online questionnaire

  • A profile (report) is generated which is specific to you

  • We then have a debrief session to talk through the report


In the debrief session we’ll cover:


  • What the report tells you about your working style/approach

  • How you can make the most of your style/approach

  • How you can enhance your working relationships with people who have different styles to you


There are a lot of useful behavioural profiles out there (Insights, MBTI etc.).  I use Everything DiSC because:


  • It’s used by millions of individuals and organisations worldwide

  • It can quickly be understood and implemented

  • It offers different questionnaires for the key workplaces roles; individuals, teams, managers, leaders

  • There is robust research under-pinning the tool. (If you fancy reading about test-retest reliability and validation, I’ve got a great document I can send you!)

  • As well as being very thorough, the Leadership questionnaire includes 360 feedback from your key stakeholders.

Take action

Email  and we'll set-up a call to discuss your needs in greater detail.  I'll help you work out which is  the right questionnaire for you and to receive copies of sample reports.  There'll be no obligation or hard sell.  

It's a great opportunity for you to suss out whether I'm someone you'd like to work with.