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What is 'Hooray for Monday'?

It's a monthly email of curated tips and challenges to develop you and your and career.


My promise to you is that this monthly email will:


  • take under five minutes to read (if you choose to follow links, it will take a little longer).

  • give you a smile (unless you have a heart of stone!)

  • include at least one thing that that will amuse, inform or inspire you.

  • plus, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Don't just take my word for it.  Here's what HFM readers say:

"Hooray for Monday is the perfect way to start the work week! Julie's advice is always a pleasure to read, it's not only witty, there's always tangible advice that helps start the week on a positive and productive note!"

Rebecca Gnessin, Manager, Philanthropy, American Express

"I enjoy the different angle from which HFM approaches the sometimes mundane world of work. It encourages us not to take serious matters TOO seriously".
Tim Harding, TfL (Transport for London), Head of Systems, Reporting and Support PMO

Read previous editions of HFM

HFM 06 July 2020

  • HFM is going monthly!

  • Five lessons learned by doing things differently.

  • Five ways to create mental space.

  • Plus, in a world full of princesses, dare to be a hot-dog :)

HFM 29 June 2020

  • How doom-scrolling is slowly eroding your mental health and motivation.

  • WFH? How to get your motivation back.

  • Dogs lacking the motivation to go home. 

HFM 22 June 2020

  • How to boost your internal communications with infographics.

  • An infographic by Mona Chalabi, using 100 New Yorkers to demonstrate the impact of Covid-19 

HFM 15 June 2020

  • 16 strategies to cope with stress and overwhelm.

  • A mother is overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

HFM 08 June 2020

  • How to be more productive by doing less - sound good?

HFM 01 June 2020

  • How an imaginary board of directors can help your career / business.

HFM 18 May 2020

It's never too late to change -


  • Coaching questions that you can use to overcome obstacles.

  • A 96-year-old proves it's never too late to learn something new. 

  • An inspiring story from Golden Age Karate.

HFM 11 May 2020

  • Overcoming the 3 P's to become more resilient -

  • Permanence, Pervasiveness and Personalization.

HFM 04 May 2020

  • WFH what we have learnt.

  • 9 strategies to make working from home more joyful.

  • Thoughts from dogs during lockdown!

HFM 28 Apr 2020

  • 3 strategies for dealing with trolls.

  • Real-life trolls who are cheeky rather than mean.

HFM 20 Apr 2020

The game is on!

  • How to use gamification to motivate teams.

  • Free online games for 44 year-old kids :)

HFM 06 Apr 2020

  • A visual tool to help you prioritise.

  • Adjusting your expectations of yourself during challenging times.

  • Good news stories to give you a boost.

HFM 30 Mar 2020

  • How language can help you at work.

  • Daily challenges to keep you entertained at home.

  • What happens when you spend a lot of time in the house :)

HFM 23 Mar 2020

  • Creating simplicity to reduce feelings of overwhelm.

  • The four laws of simplicity.

  • Happy dogs carrying sticks!

HFM 16 Mar 2020

  • Coronavirus - inside activities for kids (of all ages!)

  • Making wise and kind choices in difficult times.

HFM 09 Mar 2020

  • 7 career lessons from a mathematical genius who helped humans travel to into space (and most importantly travel back again safely).

  • The question that you all want to ask an astronaut.

HFM 02 Mar 2020

Girl power edition for International Women's Day, containing greatest hits from HFM including:

  • Confidence

  • Negotiating a pay rise

  • Speaking assertively

  • Impostor syndrome

  • Saying no.

HFM 24 Feb 2020

  • Are you being strategic or operational? A simple tool to help you find out.

  • What is the difference between strategic and operational thinking?

  • Kindness as a business strategy.

HFM 17 Feb 2020

  • How effective are the 1:1s that you run with your team?

  • Common frustrations that I hear from coaching clients regarding their 1:1s.

  • How bad bosses turn 1:1s into torture.

HFM 10 Feb 2020

  • Tips and strategies to help you bounce back from disappointment.

  • A disappointed dog.

HFM 3 Feb 2020

  • Career skills that you can learn from rugby.

HFM 27 Jan 2020

  • How to turn enemies into allies.

  • Your top rival can be your biggest ally.

  • The three Rs of making your enemies your allies.

  • Funny film fights between enemies.

HFM 20 Jan 2020

  • Do you know what you want?

  • Questions to help you identify what's critical for you to address in your life, right now.

  • Quick tip guide - using coaching to advance your career.

  • Relaxing pet videos!

HFM 13 Jan 2020

  • Have you skipped in 2020?

  • How to deal with the post-holiday funk.

  • Job security - what's your CURVE score?

  • Awesome skipping videos.

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