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HFM 16 December 2019

  • Reflecting on 2019 achievements.

HFM 09 December 2019

  • Celebrating your accomplishments in 2019.

  • It's not boastful to celebrate your achievements, it's essential.

  • A weird animal Christmas dinner!

HFM 02 December 2019

  • You have more power than you think.

  • Challenging a passive mindset.

  • A hospice healthcare worker who had more power than she realised.

HFM 25 November 2019

  • 10 questions to ask yourself as the end of the year approaches.

  • Kindness advent calendar.

HFM: 18 November 2019

Problem-solving - how do you ensure you are solving the right problem?

HFM: 11 November 2019

  • The power of storytelling.

  • How and why storytelling works.

  • Good leaders are great storytellers - tips for telling stories that resonate.

  • An example - Ellen DeGeneres' commencement speech for Tulane University.

HFM: 4 November 2019

  • Getting better sleep to fuel your career.

  • Is a grudge keeping you awake at night?

  • Night time anxiety - how making a change to your morning routine can reduce it. 

HFM: 28 October 2019

  • What's in your career's future?

  • 11 tips for career planning at any age or career stage.

  • 7 books that will propel your business into the future

HFM: 21 October 2019

  • Life lessons from the French.

  • Simple things that can improve your day and boost your resilience.

HFM: 14 October 2019

Tips for introverts and extroverts in meetings and in networking situations.

HFM: 07 October 2019

  • The dangers of perfection.

  • How to stop waiting and make a start.

HFM: 30 September 2019

  • What is coaching?

  • How is it different to mentoring and therapy?

  • What is a day in the life of a coach like?

  • Naff things some coaches say.

HFM: 23 September 2019

  • How to negotiate a compensation increase.

  • Dos and Don'ts.

  • How to lay the ground work.

HFM: 16 September 2019

  • Achieving success by not trying so hard.

  • Habits to give up so that you can achieve more.

  • Subtle secrets to becoming successful.

  • Roller-coaster phone save!  (Demonstrating what you can achieve when you don't try so hard).

HFM: 09 September 2019

  • What your calendar says about your true priorities and values.

  • A tool for identifying your top two current priorities.

  • Modern-day priorities.

HFM: 02 September 2019

Giving effective feedback:

  • Top four gripes about poorly delivered feedback.

  • Ten ways to give better feedback.

  • What to praise people for.

HFM: 26 August 2019

  • Wellness and self-care - which ideas should we take on board for effective performance at work?

  • Plus, which ideas are just a load of marketing guff?

HFM: 19 August 2019

  • Pain-free networking.

  • Alternative questions to 'So what do you do?'

HFM: 12 August 2019

  • Why you need to take a break.

  • How to take effective breaks.

  • Giving a break to a young carer.

HFM: 29 July 2019

How to stop work stress spilling over into your home life / leisure time.

HFM: 22 July 2019

Working late -

  • Why you work late and how to break the habit.

  • 7 ways to always leave work on time.

  • 15 things to do with your evening when you do leave on time.

HFM: 15 July 2019

  • Speaking like a boss.

  • How certain phrases can come with loaded meanings that we need to be aware of.

  • Minimising words.

  • Accepting credit and compliments.

HFM: 08 July 2019

  • How to manage your reaction to colleagues who annoy you.

HFM: 01 July 2019

  • How fallow time is necessary for productivity.

  • How a four-day week could save the planet!

HFM: 24 June 2019

  • Lot's to do?  Don't know where to start?  This tool will help you focus.

  • The Productivity Matrix.

  • Ways to beat procrastination.

  • A procrastinating cat!

HFM: 17 June 2019

  • HFM is two years old!

  • How to notice you are catastrophising and how to stop it.

  • (Plus silly cat videos - CAT-astrophies!)

HFM: 10 June 2019

Making career decisions:

  • 5 steps to help you create a career.

  • 3 questions to ask yourself when feeling overwhelmed with career choices.

  • A lovely story of someone excelling in their job.

HFM: 03 June 2019

  • What are the components of persistence?

  • A lesson in persistence from...a goat!

HFM: 20 May 2019


  • A quick-quiz to identify how you self-sabotage.

  • How you may be getting in your own way, and how to stop doing it.

HFM: 13 May 2019

  • Crowd sourced advice on a range of themes, from work-life balance to parenting.

  • How to ask for advice.

  • Bad advice from the 'Malicious Mallard'!

HFM: 06 May 2019

Positive habits:

  • Ten small habits that have a huge return.

  • How to make a new habit stick.

HFM: 29 April 2019

  • How to spring clean your career.

HFM: 15 April 2019

  • How to speak up in meetings and when to keep quiet.

  • Strategies to help introverts in meetings.

HFM: 08 April 2019

  • Setting up a reciprocity circle to move your goals forward.

  • An antidote to mainstream media - stories of acts of kindness

HFM: 01 April 2019

  • 7 tips to reduce stress at work.

  • If that doesn't work - a calming video of animals being groomed with mascara brushes

HFM: 25 March 2019

  • Three common mistakes people make after they've offered someone a job.

  • James Caan's top ten recruitment tips.

  • 20 weird interview questions.

HFM: 18 March 2019

  • W.A.I.T.  Why Am I Talking?  A great mnemonic to bring to mind before you go to speak.

  • Plus a Pika impersonating Freddie Mercury at Live Aid!

HFM: 11 March 2019

  • How to get better at estimating your time.

  • Knitting jumpers for poorly pets!

HFM: 04 March 2019

The importance of self-care including a month's worth of self-care ideas.

HFM: 25 February 2019

  • Permission to eat doughnuts!

  • Focusing on strengths rather than berating ourselves for perceived weaknesses.

HFM: 18 February 2019

  • A useful tool to help you at a career crossroads.

  • How to be happy at work, even if you don't love your job.

  • Plus, a Game of Thrones star poses for cheesy stock photography.

HFM: 11 February 2019

  • Tips on working smarter, not harder.

  • A reminder of why our time is so precious.

HFM: 04 February 2019

First-time people managers;

  • You got the promotion - hooray! Now you need to manage people - eek!

  • How to transition from worker bee to manager.

  • Plus, 21 office pranks.

HFM: 28 January 2019

Working parents special:

  • Parents who work freelance.

  • Confidence tips for Mums returning to work.

  • How to switch off from work when you are at home with your family.

  • Cartoons about parenting.

HFM: 21 January 2019

  • A model to help you structure difficult conversations.

  • A happy story to beat 'Blue Monday'.

HFM: 14 January 2019

  • How to prepare for a 60 - 70 year career!

  • (Plus, a singing zebra, to help you recover from finding out you could be working for 70 years).

HFM: 07 January 2019

  • Capturing your impact over the last 12 months.

  • A man who donated his 200,000 air miles to help others.

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