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HFM: 18 Dec 2017

  • Maintaining a holiday mindset.

  • Lovely random acts of kindness

HFM: 11 Dec 2017

  • Raising your profile without feeling like a jerk.

  • Kids' reactions to disappointing Christmas presents. 

HFM: 04 Dec 2017

  • Productive conflict.

  • Win a prize.

  • The importance of thanking your team.

  • A cat dressed as Santa.

HFM: 27 Nov 2017

  • The myth of multi-tasking.

  • Solving Rubik's cube, whilst juggling.

  • When your pet starts looking like pumpkin pie.

HFM: 20 Nov 2017

  • Out of office.

  • Dogs in milk carton costumes!

HFM: 13 Nov 2017

  • Reading to become more like Obama, Gates and Buffett.

  • A piece of advice you know but forget.

  • Recipes for butternut squash!!!!

HFM: 06 Nov 2017

  • We are all impostors!

  • How to bounce back from a bad day.

  • The generosity of Texas inmates.

HFM: 31 Oct 2017

Halloween special: 

  • Pushing through fear.

  • Presentation nerves.

  • Trumpkins.

HFM: 23 Oct 2017

  • Lessons for life (especially after loss), from Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook.

  • Plus a surprised red panda!

HFM: 16 Oct 2017

  • Coping with a Micro-managing boss.

  • Inclusive toys for kids.

HFM: 09 Oct 2017

  • How to tame your inner critic.

  • Plus, cuteness overdose with a polar bear cub!

HFM: 02 Oct 2017

  • How you may unknowingly, be stifling your team's creativity.

  • The importance of making creative time (even if you struggle to draw stick men).

  • Eighties hairstyles, where creative expression went too far!

HFM: 25 Sept 2017

Constructive conflict special.  Including:

  • How to embrace constructive conflict.

  • What to do when you clash with a colleague.

  • How Everything DiSC personality profiles can help you.

  • And, if all the talk of conflict has stressed you out, there's a video of an Angora rabbit having a blow-dry,

HFM: 18 Sept 2017

  • The positives of good people leaving your organisation.

  • Alternative Christmas party ideas.

  • Thousands of people making an unforgettable day for a child they didn't know.

HFM: 11 Sept 2017

Hipster Special!

  • What we can learn from hipsters.

  • Career Bootcamp.

  • Dogs on skateboards.

  • We want plates campaign.

  • Tips for working parents on maximising their child's strengths

  • Career Bootcamp (easy way to earn £25).

  • Nut allergy campaign.

  • Babies dressed up as grannies!

HFM: 28 Aug 2017

  • Switching to a permanent four-day week.

  • Bravery.

  • A shameless plug for a career bootcamp I'm running.

  • The need to get a good night's sleep.

  • Growth mindsets.

  • Inspirational young people living near Grenfell Tower.

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  • A simple, no-cost, adjustment you can make straightaway which will benefit your mind and your waistline.

  • How to adjust to a new boss.

  • What happens when you have a: cat, cardboard box, ball of wool and too much time on your hands?

  • An eye test with a difference, administered by Ali G's cousin!

  • Tips to make the first day back from hols a little more bearable.

  • What do do with your face when people sing Happy Birthday to you.

  • Networking tips that don't involve marching into a room full of strangers.  

  • Plus a dog that looks like Elton John!

  • Tips for effective conference calls, including a video of what happens in ineffective ones!

  • Inspirational innovators, highlighting the good side of technology.

  • Making a mini-Stonehenge out of my dinner!

  • Questions to kick-start meetings and workshops.

  • Children's perceptions of difference.

  • The world's most chilled-out cat.

  • Seriousness - women's experiences leaving prison.

  • Learning - People and project management.

  • Celebration - ice cream and teddy bear's picnics.

  • Silliness - a dog sticking it's head out of a car window.

  • Tips on managing your reaction to colleagues who annoy you.

  • A moving theatre experience.

  • Plus a singing goat!

  • An uncomfortable interview that led to tips on managing fear.

  • How to be disabled, according to stock photography.

  • Violent muppets and coffee.

  • Brushing up on your hero skills.


  • Using coaching questions to strengthen teams.

  • A llama that looks like Rod Stewart, (at least I think so).

  • Living as David Bowie for a year.

  • Acts of kindness.

  • How we can train our brains to be positive.

  • 5 ways to raise your professional profile.

  • How £25 of your money can help a farmer in Peru.

  • A dog wearing trainers.

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