Time for all you Do-it-all Doreen's to catch your breath and share the load

It's admirable that you care so much about your: organisation, team and clients/customers. But you need to care for yourself too.  Doing-it-all isn't sustainable and it's actually a disservice to your team as they aren't getting development opportunities.


A magical time in the future when you'll have the space to develop your team isn't going to happen.  You need to make that time now.  Coaching will provide the head-space and challenge to work out how you can do this.

Type of results you can expect

Everyone is different, so are their specific challenges and responses to those challenges. However, these are common results people see with coaching on this type of issue:  

  • an understanding of the habits and behaviours that trap you in do-it-all Doreen mode

  • the whole team having a greater understanding of their own and each other's different strengths and styles

  • an appreciation of how the team can support or compensate for each other's weak spots

  • greater team cohesion

  • a strategy to start delegating actions to your team (including when to keep the stabilisers on and when to trust and let go of the bike)

  • confidence from seeing team members rise to the challenge

  • more space for you to concentrate on your role

  • more space for your own life

  • a more effective, sustainable team

  • a coach who supports you whilst also giving you a nudge forward.

Take action

Email julie@pressurevalve.co.uk and we'll set-up a call to discuss your needs in greater detail.


There'll be no obligation or hard sell.  

It's a great opportunity for me to assess whether you and your goal are suitable for coaching AND for you to suss out whether I'm someone you'd like to work with.