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How I can help you

Can you see yourself, or someone you know

 in the following characters? 

Plateauing Pete

Pete’s been in his current role for 8 years.  He was promoted twice in the first 3 years but since then he doesn’t feel he’s progressed.  Colleagues and friends are moving up the ladder but he seems stuck in a rut.  The problem is he doesn’t know what he wants to do next.

Under-the-radar Raquelle

Close colleagues of Raquelle know what an asset she is to her organisation; however senior staff don’t appear to have noticed this.  Her peers have a higher profile and have been given exciting projects and promotions.  She’s beginning to feel resentful and doesn’t understand why doing a good job isn’t enough.

Wits-end William

William leads a team of 12, including staff who work remotely. The team isn't gelling, there's tension in meetings and it's slowing down progress.  Why can't everyone just get along?

Operational Oliver

Oliver wants to set the strategic direction for his department (it’s a key part of his role).  The problem is operational issues always seem more pressing, so his head gets stuck in those rather than strategy.  His line manager isn’t happy as the board are chasing for the strategic plan.

Purposeless Paulette

To other people Paulette has a great job – it’s high paying, has travel to glamorous locations and stretches her, yet Paulette feels she’s lacking purpose.  She’d like to feel she's contributing to society but wants to maintain her lifestyle and doesn’t know how her skills could help others.

New-manager Nadra

Nadra’s just been promoted to her first manager role.  She’s delighted and terrified.  She hasn’t had any formal management training and is still responsible for some of the tasks she did before promotion.  She’s also managing a former peer who doesn’t seem happy about it.

New-job Jerome

Jerome was well-respected and the go-to person in his previous job.  Now he’s moved to a senior post in a new company.  He wants to hit the ground running. However he doesn’t have the detailed knowledge he had from working his way up through the ranks in his previous organisation.

All-change Charlie

Charlie’s been put in charge of a big change programme.  She’s up for the challenge but needs head-space to think through all the steps, especially how and when she should communicate with staff during this unsettling time.

Do-it-all Doreen

Doreen's a popular manager but she tends to be Cinderella, i.e. in the office alone, working late.  She wants to develop her team so that she can delegate more but she's so busy, there never seems to be time.

So how will I help you with these challenges?

There's a range of ways I can help.  The best thing is to get in touch via  to discuss your specific needs.

In the meantime, here's a flavour of the popular solutions I provide:

  • Want something to change and need guidance to work out how to do it? 

  • Need headspace and someone to help you sift and organise your thoughts?


  • Want a tool to help you understand yourself better? 

  • Need guidance to understand why some people drive you up the wall, PLUS how you can work with them more productively?


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.



I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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