Team Coaching

Just think, how much time is currently being wasted by your team not performing optimally?  What’s that costing you in financial terms, opportunity costs and energy?


Team coaching is for you if you're serious about increasing your team's effectiveness and team-working.

Whether you’re pulling your hair out because your team isn’t gelling, or if your team’s performance is great but you want to get to brilliant, team coaching can help.

How does it work?

As with all my coaching options, team coaching can be tailored to your needs including one-to-one coaching, observations of team meetings, workshops and personal assessment tools.  

However, to give you something tangible to start your thinking, here's a popular process - The DiSC® Team Workshop Package. 

The DiSC Team Workshop Package.

You and I start with a one-to-one coaching conversation.  This is to understand what you, as the team manager want the focus of the team coaching to be (e.g. working through a major change programme, bonding the team to work more effectively together, facilitating innovation, helping the team to step up to more responsibility etc.) plus any personal challenges you are facing in achieving this.

Each team member then completes a short, online Everything DiSC Workplace® questionnaire. The bespoke report generated from the questionnaire is designed to help them understand more about their working style/approach.  

(For more information on Everything DiSC®, please download Pressurevalve's Guide to Everything DiSC®)

As team manager, you could also complete the Everything DiSC Workplace questionnaire but I'd recommend you complete the Everything DiSC Management® questionnaire.

As a Certified DiSC Trainer, I'll then facilitate a DiSC Team Workshop.  In the workshop, we'll use a number of activities to help your team understand and explore the different DiSC styles, as well as self-assessing what they think their DiSC style is.

Next, they'll each receive a copy of their personal DiSC Profile report.  We'll follow this with exercises to help them apply the information in practice, enhancing their working relationships and linking this with the key focus/goal for the team. 

Following the Workshop, you and I will have a debrief and will go through your Everything DiSC Management profile report in more detail, leading to the development of your personal action plan. 

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Take action

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