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What's holding your team back?

Clashing colleagues

A couple of my team members regularly clash.  They’ve got to a point where they are struggling to work together on anything!

Other teams!

My team do a great job but we are consistently frustrated when trying to work with other teams.


The majority of my team are positive and committed, however a couple are just doing enough to get by.  Other team members have noticed and are getting frustrated with them. 

Delegation bottleneck

The team bring minor things to me for decision/approval.  This is building up my workload and causing a bottleneck.  I need them to trust themselves and each other more.

Not fessing up!

We’ve had some pretty big mistakes happen recently.  They’ve been fixed but it would have been a lot easier if my team had flagged up the mistakes earlier, before the effects snowballed.

Rushing in

As a team we tend to get excited about new ideas and race into implementation. This has led to some hiccups with projects.

Lack of senior buy-in

We generate lots of great ideas but aren’t getting senior buy-in for them.

Innovation void

My team are good solid workers but we need to be more innovative. 

Something else/

I'm not sure

Something is not working in the team but I need help to find out what.

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