What do clients say about me and my services?

Here’s a selection of comments.




Julie certainly knows her stuff! And it was helpful that she knew my stuff...[it] really felt like a ‘safe space’. Julie is easy to talk to and difficult to steer off track – a perfect combination for coaching! Working with Julie was a very useful experience, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Policy Lead

I wanted to thank you for helping me find clarity about my next step and giving me the focus and motivation to move forward. From our first conversation you brought your full attention and humour to our sessions which gave me confidence to take positive action. I would certainly recommend you to anyone dealing with a difficult work situation or pondering their next career move.

Senior Project Coordinator

For me, the real selling point of the coaching programme was being able to take the time to focus on work issues objectively, something that was aided by having Julie’s objective, impartial viewpoint to offer constructive challenge and interrogate work issues from perspectives I probably wouldn’t have considered.  Following the coaching sessions, I now feel more relaxed about work challenges, even finding ways to use them to my advantage or as a learning experience.

Head of Communications 

Julie was fantastic in helping me face some difficult questions in a very thoughtful and supportive way. She was great at checking in with me to ensure that I was getting the best out of each session and if there was anything further I needed to help me achieve my goals.

Development Manager

I think I got pushed quite hard (in a good way) by Julie – this was very useful and helped me to evaluate the situation and really think about what kind of results I want to get out of the discussions that I need to have at work.

There is always a “Good question” moment when Julie asks the question that I should have been asking all along!"

Head of Finance

For me, the coaching gave me a safety net that allowed me to go and try things, take some risks - small and big and have someone to share that with who offers non-judgemental objective guidance and encouragement.

A process that if you are open to it allows you to consider things from a different perspective/angle which is refreshing and can make all the difference.


Julie is very easy to talk to and open up to.  I instantly felt comfortable with her upon meeting, which is a really valuable quality that can’t be learned.  She supports me in finding ways of managing situations that are “authentic” to me - a really important point.  She does not tell me what to do but guides me in finding ways forward that work.

Knowledge Management Officer


Being able to vocalise the particular challenges I'm facing, in an open and non-emotional way, has really helped me to understand where some of the problems that I am facing are coming from and the practical solutions that I may be able to implement.  My transition between jobs has been uncomfortable at times, but these sessions have helped keep me from being swept away by all the change in my life. They were great.

Head of Communications


  • Julie helps me “think out loud” - Formulating ideas of the way forward for myself.

  • Julie enables me to come up with ideas with really good prompting. 

  • Julie doesn’t judge my thoughts or decisions.

  • Julie has a naturally warm and engaging approach, which makes her very easy to talk to. Because of this, I felt able to speak about issues that I would find difficult to discuss with others.

Triage Nurse Specialist 


DiSC personality assessments


Based on my experience I would highly recommend DiSC. The questionnaire was simple and didn't take too long to complete. The resulting insights into my character were uncanny and have helped me to understand myself and my preferred (and less preferred!) working styles better. Julie guided me through the DiSC process and enabled me to digest the results successfully through thought provoking coaching techniques. I have applied my learnings from the DiSC process in my day-to-day working life since then and it's been very useful to me.

Business Analyst


I was possibly more sceptical than most at the prospect of being reduced to a set of personality traits. The results and report however were surprisingly in sync with my own view of myself, and instead provided a welcome catalyst for self-reflection in the work context. This allowed me to appreciate not only how my characteristics and tendencies come across to colleagues, but also how they may clash with those fundamentally different to me. It was a worthwhile exercise and provided a useful lens through which to view workplace interactions and consider methods for improvement.

Fundraising Officer


I found my DiSC experience insightful, and it has certainly helped me to modify aspects of my behaviour. I was a little wary at first and I must admit there were parts of the report that made uncomfortable reading… But it resonated, and not only with me – it helped me better understand members of my team and our interactions. With Julie’s guidance, this was and continues to be a very useful tool in my professional (and personal!) development.

Policy and Parliamentary Lead




'Hooray for Monday' (my weekly email/blog)



Hooray for Monday is the perfect way to start the work week! Julie's advice is always a pleasure to read, it's not only witty, there's always tangible advice that helps start the week on a positive and productive note!

Philanthropy Manager

I love a mixture of serious and fun, life would be dull if it were all work focused.  I think it’s a brilliant mix of both.

Head of National Marketing

Just so you know, I’m loving your weekly digest!!

Love the 'Reach Out' video. Have picked up quite a few tips.

Contracts Co-ordinator


I enjoy the different angle from which HFM approaches the sometimes mundane world of work. It encourages us not to take serious matters TOO seriously.

Head of Systems

I like the articles on micro managers, trust and setting expectations is at the heart of it! It's not about winning the battle but winning the war, the war being how to work together rather than being right over a specific point.

Head of Contract Management


I find them "Julie funny" and very useful :-)

Partnership and Policy Manager