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What would you like to be different?



For the 600+ wonderful clients I've had the opportunity to work with, starting this website with a question comes as no surprise. They know that as well as laughter, insights and reflection, questions are a key component of our work together.


That's what I'm here for, to creatively facilitate your thinking, helping you to: gain clarity on what you want (as an individual, team or organisation), craft your roadmap to get there and devise tactics to overcome any bumps and barriers you may face along the way. 


This is achieved via individual and team coaching, workshops, strategy sessions, team profiling tools and insightful behavioural self-assessments.

So what do you want to be different?

Get in touch and let me know.

In return I'll share how I and my associates can help make that happen.



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These are our signature packages for leaders and organisations who want to invest in team success. 

One-to-one coaching for your staff

However great a leader you are, however supportive your organisation is, your team members will always have challenges and personal development areas that they don't tell you about. 

This is where external coaches are invaluable, providing independent, confidential expertise to support your team members to thrive.

Whether you are looking for one coach or a team of global coaches, Pressurevalve Coaching can help. We provide coaching in - English, French, German, Italian, Korean and Spanish.

Team coaching and workshops

If you already have clarity on where your team/s need to focus their development, fantastic! We'll develop a solution to meet that need. Popular solutions include DiSC team communication workshops, team coaching on cross-functional collaboration, plus programmes of 1-2-1 coaching for team members.

Alternatively, you may know something needs to change in your team/s but don't know what. We can help there too. Using a team performance scan, we'll surface how your team/s are doing in terms of processes and behaviours. Then we'll create a bespoke solution focused on the identified areas of development, revisiting the scan again in 3 - 6 months time to evidence progress.

These are our signature packages for people who are ready to invest in themselves.

The Pressing Matter™

This is for you if you need a laser session on a specific topic such as a forthcoming job interview, tricky meeting or high-stakes presentation.

The Chewy Challenge™

Got a chewier challenge that will take a few months to achieve such as gaining a promotion, a job transition or changing a belief or behaviour that's holding you back? This is the package for you.  

The Game-changing Year ™

Want to make a significant change in one or more areas, such as pivoting your career, expanding your business or becoming the go-to person in your industry? It's time for a game-changing year.

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"Julie certainly knows her stuff! And it was helpful that she knew my stuff...[it] really felt like a ‘safe space’.
Julie is easy to talk to and difficult to steer off track – a perfect combination for coaching!
Working with Julie was a very useful experience, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone."
Coaching client

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Schedule a free discovery call

Curious about Pressurevalve's services but not sure how they could work for you or your team? Then schedule a free 30-minute discovery call. We'll explore what you'd like to be different and how Pressurevalve can help with that.
No obligation, no hard-sell.

Alternatively, email to ask a question or propose a different date / time.


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