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Online course:
Building your network and
visibility in a non-cringey way

I've helped hundreds of my coaching clients to raise their visibility and build their networks. (It's one of the most common goals that my clients bring to coaching). They've achieved this in ways which are authentic to them and don't feel like cringey self-promotion.


Not everyone is able to secure one of the limited number of one-to-one coaching slots that I open each month, so to ensure that people don't miss out on the opportunity to build their networks and visibility, I'm launching an online course in 2024.

The course will walk you through fun activities, enabling you to shape your own plan to build your network and raise your visibility in YOUR own style.


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"Julie certainly knows her stuff! And it was helpful that she knew my stuff...[it] really felt like a ‘safe space’.
Julie is easy to talk to and difficult to steer off track – a perfect combination for coaching!
Working with Julie was a very useful experience, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone."
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