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If you want something to be different in your life, coaching is the way to make that happen.


To help you, here are Pressurevalve's signature coaching packages.

If you're not sure which package is right for you, schedule a free discovery call here

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(You can also use this address to request my step-by-step guide to asking your employer to fund your coaching programme).

Pressurevalve's Six-step Coaching System for Success

Still wondering how coaching works? Well, whatever your goal or challenge, the Pressurevalve Six-Stage Coaching System for Success can get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

How it works


The first step in making the difference that you want in your life, is to book your free discovery call. (In the coaching world this is called a 'chemistry call').

The call is your opportunity to share what you would like to be different, ask questions about the coaching process and packages, plus get a taster of what coaching is like.


By the end of the call you'll be clear on whether you are ready for coaching and whether we are a good fit for working together. (If I don't think we are, I'll be candid about this and I'll connect you with an associate whom I believe will be a great fit).


You'll also leave the call clear on which package is right for you (The Pressing Matter, The Chewy Challenge or The Game-changing Year).

I'll follow up with your paperwork including your thought-provoking Pressurevalve Discovery Pack.

Deeper discovery

Yep, even before your first coaching session you'll have homework to do, but this is fun, insightful stuff.

Armed with your Pressurevalve Discovery Pack you'll reflect on the questions posed and access the resources provided, starting your brain whirring ahead of our first session.


This process can lead to greater clarity on your topic but it's also very common for your discovery process to generate even more questions than you started with. That's great, surfacing questions that you hadn't thought about before is key to your coaching journey.

Gathering perspectives

So, you've uncovered your own perspective from your discovery pack, next we'll gather other perspectives. This could be via data that you already have such as 360 feedback reports, or it could involve taking a DiSC behavioural questionnaire, a saboteur assessment or by having  conversations with key stakeholders using focused questions that we'll devise together.


We'll also dig deeper on why the destination you've set yourself matters to you. What will achieving it give you? What might you need to say goodbye to, to get there?

This process is crucial to ensure that you are heading for the destination that will truly make the difference that you want in your life.

Sparking insights

Once we've gathered all the data from different perspectives we'll investigate what that tells us. I'll pose questions, tools and activities to facilitate your thinking.


Common insights people have at this stage centre around what's getting in the way of reaching their desired destination (Spoiler alert - we are often the ones getting in our own way, be that through certain behaviours, limiting beliefs or getting stuck in mindsets which no longer serve us). 


Through this work you'll notice  shifts in yourself. This could be how you perceive or approach situations, your interactions with people, your motivation levels. You'll also start shaping your roadmap to get to where you want to be. 

Action and experimentation

Our sessions together are only part of the magic of coaching. Real change will require you to take action in-between our sessions.


Together we'll devise strategies to play and experiment with outside of our sessions, all designed to get you to your destination in a way that is right for you. You won't be following someone else's blueprint, you'll be creating your own unique way.

I'll be with you on this journey, helping you navigate any bumps or barriers in the road.

And reach your destination and achieve your goal!


Celebration and review

Congratulations! You've achieved the goal/s you set yourself.


As well as celebrating your achievement, we'll explore what you learned along the way and how that learning can help you in the future.


Through the process you'll have developed self-coaching skills that will help you navigate future goals and challenges.

Yes, I'm here when you next have a really chewy challenge, but after coaching you'll find that many situations don't seem as chewy. This is because you'll automatically self-coach. Clients often say that even years after coaching they hear my voice in their head asking a question or reflecting something back to them. This isn't a Derren Brown mind trick, it's because equipping you with self-coaching is part of your package. (If a coach is creating dependency on them, they are focusing on their bank balance, not you).

Start your journey today.

"Julie certainly knows her stuff! And it was helpful that she knew my stuff...[it] really felt like a ‘safe space’.
Julie is easy to talk to and difficult to steer off track – a perfect combination for coaching!
Working with Julie was a very useful experience, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone."
Coaching client


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